For CEO Partners

A core part of Marwit’s investment strategy is our CEO Partner Program. This program is based on our extensive experience that many of the best investment opportunities are sourced directly through a rigorous acquisition search undertaken in partnership with an experienced CEO. This approach derives from our focus on acquiring a controlling interest directly from founding entrepreneurs and/or through a corporate divestiture.

We have developed a proven methodology to identify and evaluate opportunities in a targeted industry with specific criteria tailored to capitalize on the operational experience of our CEO Partner. The process begins by building a comprehensive database of potential targets followed by a highly disciplined direct contact and follow-up campaign and generally takes 6-9 months to source, evaluate, negotiate and close a transaction. Once acquired, we continue to work in a highly collaborative manner with our CEO Partners and their senior management teams in executing our mutually determined strategy for optimizing and growing the acquired company.

For experienced CEO's who are serious about partnering with private equity, there are numerous benefits to joining forces with Marwit, including:

  • Ability to leverage our internal resources to build a qualified database of potential targets, as well as handling the logistics of search execution;
  • Financial credibility when meeting with target business owners;
  • An extensive network of relationships and market analytics to mine for potential acquisitions
  • Opportunity to achieve a significant ownership position with strong incentives for growth and value creation;
  • Ability to co-invest in the transaction alongside Marwit on the same terms;
  • As a member of Marwit's CEO Partner program, potential to serve as serve as an interim CEO for an existing Marwit portfolio company.

If you are interested in becoming a Marwit CEO Partner, please contact us.

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