Western Emulsions, Inc.

Western Emulsions Corporation
Tucson, AZ


Initial Investment by MCP II: 2008
Operating Partner: Kevin Trant, CEO
Western Emulsions Corporation is a leading manufacturer of proprietary asphalt emulsions and related products used for roadway pavement preservation, repair and restoration projects. The company is based in Tucson, AZ and operates additional asphalt emulsions plants in Irwindale, CA, Roswell, NM, Billings, MT and Coolidge, AZ. Western Emulsions customers include: (i) federal agencies, such as DOT’s and others involved with roads, highways and airports; (ii) state and local agencies, such as county and municipal public works departments; (iii) private entities, such as general contractors; and (iv) intermodal consultation groups, such as government agencies who manage highway infrastructure. The company is continuing to pursue various expansion opportunities as the use of asphalt emulsions in pavement preservation strategies is rapidly growing throughout the U.S.